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"Guangyuan made" new materials "became well-known" New Fair

  发表日期:2011年9月26日          【编辑录入:admin】
      Dream of something, and finally see it! "Harbin Institute of Technology in an aluminum foam technology has many years of research professor with emotion. September 6, the first held in Harbin China International Expo on the new materials industry, Guangyuan, Sichuan per TEDA enterprises and Feiya new non-ferrous materials Materials of concern.

This new material by the State Fair sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, features a total of special metal materials, high-end metal construction materials, advanced polymer materials, advanced inorganic non-metallic materials, composite materials and cutting-edge high-performance new materials, six professional category. From the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea and other 11 countries and regions as well as domestic a thousand universities, research institutes, leading companies in the exposition.

Guangyuan, Sichuan Yuan Yuan TEDA aluminum foam a project on August 9 this year, put into production to make up our R & D technology in the aluminum foam foam aluminum product of large-sized gaps. Four Chuanfei Ya main production of new materials of special high-temperature polymer materials PEEN. Fair, large size aluminum foam samples caused by the Minister of Industry interest Miao Wei, the company learned that R & D in the production of aluminum foam is the geometry of the world's largest aluminum foam and aluminum foam applications, the technology and market prospects performance indicators, he said, in the development of new materials industry should adhere to the five principles: adhere to market-oriented, developing new materials to promote the application and market development; increase the original innovation, and strive to make breakthroughs in core technology development of new materials and key equipment improve the ability of independent innovation of new materials; accelerate the development of high technology, industrial base is good, the market potential of key new materials; strengthen coordination to promote, strengthen and downstream industries of convergence, driven by material industrial upgrading; go low carbon, energy efficient, cycle safe and sustainable development.

The city's two R & D production of new materials products by exhibitors at the fair, universities, research institutes attention. Non-ferrous Metal Materials, Sichuan per TEDA 500 companies prepare promotional materials and a thousand customers to obtain aluminum foam is an empty gift, many exhibitors have aluminum foam to the company representative for product details.

During the exhibition, from different regions of 915 domestic and foreign exhibitors are participating, and 30 different types of new materials, research institutes, 25 colleges and universities to visit the exchange. The same number of exhibitors per TEDA Sichuan detailed analysis of the exchange process, made the supply and demand analysis, product development and positioning applications. From Ukraine, said Mr. Xie Ergai Aosta Puqin Ke, will be used instead of $ TEDA their company's products are used in the military aspects of the material.

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