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Characteristics of aluminum foam and the main purpose

  发表日期:2011年8月12日          【编辑录入:admin】
Foam bubbles and aluminum diaphragm is composed of a collection of bubbles of irregular and three-dimensional nature makes it has many excellent features.
    A light
    Aluminum foam density gauge aluminum is about 1 / 5 to 1 / 10, is the iron 1 / 20, wood and plastic 1 / 4.
    Excellent sound-absorbing B
    The sound-absorbing aluminum foam is characterized by: the sound into the aluminum foam after diffuse reflection, interference, so that the sound energy into heat, so less noise. Aluminum foam and other sound-absorbing material than the low-frequency absorption performance, foam aluminum cavity with a certain size, better sound absorption, and a wide field of application of the frequency. For example: the former interior acoustic treatment for the hard cement wall, indoor stickers 10mm thick sound-absorbing aluminum foam for noise reduction processing, sound-absorbing aluminum foam can be noise reduction 17db.
    C aluminum foam sound performance
    Aluminum foam insulation materials can be with the other compound, due to the role of sound-absorbing aluminum foam, sound insulation can be further improved.
    D fire resistance of aluminum foam
    Aluminum foam has good fire resistance, aluminum melting point of 660 ℃, 800 ℃ of aluminum foam began to soften (due to bear weight), but not melted. Aluminum foam in the absence of external force, even when exposed to high temperature of 780 ℃ will not be deformed, indicating that aluminum foam sound-absorbing material than can withstand higher temperatures. In addition, the aluminum foam is a non-combustible materials, like plastics and other materials will not be as harmful gases.
    E of the electromagnetic shielding performance of aluminum foam
    Aluminum foam with excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, acoustic characteristics of both. Therefore, the most suitable for production of aluminum foam electrical equipment room ceiling and walls, as electromagnetic shielding materials.
    F cushioning effect
    Aluminum foam under pressure to reach its yield point, the bubble membrane deformation, layer by layer continuous deformation, bubble destruction, resulting in significant deformation, which will impact energy absorption, showing a good cushioning effect.
    G aluminum foam with low thermal conductivity
    Thermal conductivity of aluminum foam is very low, only aluminum 1 / 60 ~ 1 / 500, while the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum rather.
    H foam aluminum easy
    Aluminum foam is easily machined, such as cutting, drilling, bending and embossing. Saw to cut aluminum foam can be different sizes and different sizes of aluminum foam, the foam can easily be drilled and riveted aluminum, also can be bent and embossed aluminum foam, the foam can also use the bonding agent for aluminum each paste, the aluminum foam can be bonded.
    I facilitate the construction
    As the foam aluminum light can be installed manually, especially for ceilings, walls, roofs and other high places. As easy to process, but also for bonding and riveting, easy connections with other structures. Therefore, to facilitate on-site construction and installation of combination.
    J surface decorative effect
    Using a special process, can paint the surface coating of aluminum foam. Painting almost no damage to the sound-absorbing aluminum foam effect.
    Sandwich can be made using the K
    Aluminum foam adhesive on both sides of aluminum, copper, titanium sheet, made of laminated panels, is a lightweight and high strength plate can be used as high performance structural materials used.
    The main purpose of aluminum foam
    As the aluminum foam with a range of features, it uses a wide range, mainly used in the following areas:
    (1) sound-absorbing materials for factories, mines, roads, tunnels, such as a sound absorbing material.
    (2) building materials for ceilings, walls, etc. as a super-lightweight construction and fitting materials.
    (3) structure materials, composite and metal panels into the sandwich plate can be used as air, steam | source | test | large | cars, trains and buildings flooring materials, wall materials, roofing materials, can be used as furniture, plates and damping plate.
    (4) electromagnetic shielding materials, such as the computer room for walls, ceilings, electronic equipment, housing materials, electronic command and interior decoration, interior decoration television launch center.


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